Neon & L.E.D.

Neon signs have been around since the early 1900’s and the method of manufacture has changed very little since then! Although technology has changed over the years the effect of neon has never been surpassed; the ability to form the glass into almost any shape, from letters and logos to borders, has give neon an advantage over fluorescents. One of the main benefits of neon is the level of illumination which allows neon to still be noticed in daylight hours and visible from long distances at night
L.E.D. technology is now becoming a recognised form of illumination in the sign industry as an alternative to neon with several additional benefits; the small diode modules allow their use in smaller and confined applications which would not suit any other form of illumination, allowing letters and signcases to be made slimmer. Due to their low voltage power use L.E.D. signs are cheaper and more environmentally friendly and have a guaranteed life which far exceeds any other form of illumination. Add to this the fact that special modules can match almost any colour requested or be programmed to change through a full colour spectrum to maximise visibility it is clear L.E.D. is the illumination of the future

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